TMV & Backflow Testing

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What is TMV and Backflow?

When your water flows backward against the regular flow, it is called backflow. If the water contains hazardous substances, backflow can be hazardous. Plumbing and Gas professionals at ASBS Plumbing have experience installing, testing, repairing, and certifying backflow prevention devices in both residential and commercial buildings.

Combining hot and cold water is performed by thermostatic mixing valves (TMV). With a TMV, bath and shower outlet temperatures are maintained at a constant level. This valve prevents burns caused by hot water. The temperature of the water in both commercial and residential buildings must be maintained at a safe level in order to prevent burns. It is a compliance requirement in some industries to install and certify thermostatic mixing valves every year. Testing is a priority to ensure the TMV is working efficiently.

Testing & Prevention

Australians’ drinking water is protected through the prevention of backflow. In order to prevent contamination of our water supply, it ensures that the flow of water is not reversed due to pressure changes.

Your local water authority may require that a backflow prevention device be installed depending on the property you own or occupy. You must test your backflow prevention device regularly (usually annually) and maintain it to ensure it does not fail due to wear or damage.

In order to ensure that your property is compliant and that the well-being of the community is protected, it is your responsibility to have it assessed for risk and to take the appropriate measures.

We are a Gold Coast plumbing company that provides backflow prevention services including the installation, maintenance, and testing of backflow prevention devices.