Gas Fitting Gold Coast

You can rely on our gas fitting plumbers for same-day gas system repairs throughout the Gold Coast.

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Gas Fitting Specialists

ASBS is the gas fitting company of choice on the Gold Coast. In addition to gas service, and maintenance. Our Gold Coast gas fitting team can solve your problems immediately, including gas leak detection, repairs, cooktop construction, and gas device repairs. We back everything we do with a workmanship warranty and a compliance certificate, so you can feel as confident as we do about the work we provide.

LPG Bottle Installation

Gas cylinders are the most common means of supplying domestic LPG systems on the Gold Coast. These cylinders can range in size from 7kg swap-and-go bottles to 45kg in-situ storage tanks depending on the size and demand for the product. A popular choice for low usage appliances such as freestanding cookers and cooktops is LPG (also known as propane). Unlike natural gas connections, where the user is required to pay a daily fee, LPG gas systems allow the user only to pay for what they actually use. As a general rule, it is more economical to use LPG over natural gas for households with no more than two people. Our Gold Coast gas fitters can assist in determining the location and size of a suitable LPG bottle installation.

Gas & Hot Water System FAQs

Frequently asked questions from Gold Coasters about gas & hot water services

Gas fitting involves the installation, repair, and maintenance of gas appliances, pipelines, and fittings. A licensed gas fitter has the necessary training and qualifications to ensure that all gas-related work is carried out safely and to the required standards.

Yes, it is a legal requirement to use a licensed gas fitter for any gas-related work, including the installation of gas appliances such as stoves, hot water systems, and heaters.

When hiring a gas fitter or hot water plumber, it is paramount to look for a licensed and experienced professional who is familiar with the specific requirements and regulations on the Gold Coast. You can also check reviews and recommendations from previous customers.
Gas appliances should be serviced by a licensed gas fitter at least once a year to ensure their safety and efficiency.

Yes, a licensed hot water plumber may also be qualified to install gas appliances. However, it is wise to check that they have the necessary gas fitting qualifications and experience.

Gas hot water systems are generally more energy-efficient and cost-effective than electric systems, as they use natural gas to heat water on demand rather than storing hot water in a tank.

The lifespan of a gas hot water system can vary depending on the quality of the system and the level of maintenance it receives. On average, a well-maintained gas hot water system lasts 10-15 years.

Yes, there are various rebates and incentives available for installing a gas hot water system. These include the Queensland Government’s Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate and the Gold Coast City Council’s Sustainable Living Rebate Scheme. It is recommended to check with the relevant authorities for eligibility and application requirements.